Firepot's Commitment to Sustainability

Since the beginning, our mission has been to connect tea lovers with tea growers to improve the lives of both. An important expression of this is environmental stewardship where we make business decisions that take into account the wellbeing of the people and places where we work. Firepot Nomadic Teas is a global business and sustainability isn’t just something we discuss, it’s a lifestyle that we embrace.


As international entrepreneurs, our business footprint intersects with many different cultures. We have visited the verdant hills of Sri Lanka, toured the organic rich valleys in Nepal, and touched the oceans and mountains of Japan, just to name a few. These are places that we have made friends, sipped tea and nurtured community relationships. We exist to create a bridge between the ancient origins of tea and its contemporary tea growers, processors and consumers.


To us, sustainability means: 

  1. Sourcing teas & ingredients that are organically grown
  2. Sourcing teas that are ethically traded, meaning that workers receive fair wages and clean and safe working conditions. 
  3. Donating 1% of all sales to organizations that are doing work that supports 
    1. Women
    2. Environment
    3. Local community

      4. Keeping packaging minimal and, when applicable, organically based.  


In the last year, we donated 1% of all Firepot sales to support the Akilah Institute. This year, along with those continued relationships, we’ve added support for our home state of Tennessee where our Tea Bar is located. We custom-crafted a new tea blend called Music City Morning and proceeds from those sales support Tennessee Action for Hospitality.


The Akilah Institute is East Africa’s pre-eminent higher education institution for women. Akilah graduates have launched careers in finance, clean energy, eco-tourism, agribusiness, conservation, technology, and more. We were proud to be in Kigali, Rwanda for their graduation in 2019 and celebrate their accomplishments.


This interview is with one of the original Akilah graduates, Anita Umutoni, discussing her story and the impact that Akilah had on her life.

HubSpot Video


At Firepot, we celebrate our global relationships and are grateful to all the diverse cultures that have warmly welcomed us over the years. We embrace our responsibility of replenishing the earth and uplifting a community - making both stronger than they were before. 

Realizing that not everyone is able to travel across the world like we do, in 2019 we launched our Nomadic Tea Party Guide series. Each guide is designed to help you experience the cultures that bring us the teas we've all come to love and plan your own tea party at home. These free guides feature Tea Party Guides for Morocco and Turkey with more being added regularly.

Here's to the culture, tastes and beauty that make our world the rich and diverse place that it is!

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