2019 Year in Review

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We believe that tea is the fuel that will give us the clarity, peace and focus to manifest the future we all dream of.

As we transition into 2020, we are looking back, giving thanks (for the good, the bad, the successes AND the failures), releasing the past and stepping into an exciting new decade full of tea, adventure, growth and connection!

THANK YOU from all of us at Firepot for your support.

Here's to a healthy and abundant 2020!

2019 Year in Review

Nashville Tea Bar

Now in our second year, our Nashville Tea Bar has a solid community of regulars. We are lucky to be surrounded by so many of Nashville's best yoga studios here on the south side of 12th South!

We're continuing to fine-tune the model so that this year we can begin to bring you more tea bars... Hello Atlanta and St. Louis! Our goal is to continue offering not only incredible, organic teas, tea drinks and wellness products but also a space where people can gather, connect, write, read and be inspired!


Favorite New Product

Golden Soul: Our turmeric golden milk latte powder, like our masala chai, is made with freshly ground spices. It has been a hit both for our wholesale clients and our retail customers for its taste and anti-inflammatory benefits. We expect to see more bright yellow in 2020 and beyond!


Best Event

World Tea Expo: If they gave out the best-looking booth award at the World Tea Expo, we are sure we would have won it! We loved sharing our tea with old and new customers across the US and are already looking forward to the World Tea Expo in Denver in June 2020!


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